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Hearing Loss and Mental Health

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Mental health has become a big topic over the recent years, and even more so since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. World Mental Health day is 10th October and this year it is the most important one yet. The many months of lockdown, self-isolating and worrying have had a huge impact on us all and prioritising our mental health has never been so important.

Mental health is also something that many people with hearing loss and tinnitus can suffer with too. The impact of hearing loss on your mental health is quite well known, with depression, loneliness and social isolation being just a few common factors.

From the beginning stages of developing hearing loss, to seeing a professional and buying a hearing aid, it is easy to understand how hearing loss can have an impact on your mental wellbeing. The initial diagnosis can be overwhelming and scary, followed by having to navigate a new life with hearing loss.

Social situations are often difficult for someone with hearing loss. Noisy locations with people talking over this noise can be difficult for many people, but for those with hearing loss it can be incredibly hard to focus. This can lead to people avoiding social situations and isolating themselves.

Social distancing measures have not made this any easier. With many places requiring face masks to be worn, this not only removes the ability to lip read, but also muffles most of the sound.

Hearing loss is not without its challenges, but it doesn’t need to be. Most people who have hearing aids live happily, coping well with social situations. Hearing aid technology has improved greatly over the years, with many modern aids controlled via your smartphone. This gives you the freedom to change any settings depending on the situation you are in.

If you are struggling, please do not hesitate to talk to someone, whether it is a family member, friend or a professional. The British Tinnitus Association have a chatline that is open Monday to Friday to talk to professionals about any problems you may be having, and there are many different mental health services that are accessible to all. 





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