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March brain awareness week and open day 2020

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 At The Ear Place your ear health is always at the top of our priority list, that’s why we continuously strive to host new events, promote new products, inform you of the latest technology and most importantly be able to give advise and recommend products that are going to enhance your hearing and enhance your life. 

This March we are working with a leading hearing aid manufacture called Starkey. Starkey have brought out a revolutionary hearing aid which is the first hearing aid that incorporates artificial intelligence and motion sensors to become a multi functional smart device. This very hearing aid has been named one of TIME magazines 100 best inventions. 

This hearing device named the Livio AI hearing aid can track brain and body health. Which is why this hearing aid is the perfect device to try as we promote brain awareness week this March. Hearing loss and cognitive function is something that is constantly being investigated and researched. Not only is the hearing device a superior hearing aid which is able to offer a quality sound and perform in the most challenging of situations but it also tracks how active the wearer is. When we talk about being active this not only refers to how physically active the wearer is but also how mentally active they are by measuring much time has been spent in social engagement and listening actively. 

Most of the population now have some form of tracking device worn on their wrist or incorporated into their phones, now it’s part of your hearing aids. By including 3D motion sensors into their hearing aids such as an accelerometer and gyroscope these hearing aids are able to detect movement, gestures, track steps, monitor heart rate and even detect and alert other people if the wearer has a fall and is proven to be much more accurate due to where these sensors are positioned and worn on the body. 

It does not end here, the Livio AI hearing aid can translate languages in real time directly into your ear when wearing them and they can be linked to Amazon Alexa to answer all your questions with just a tap on your ear to activate this function. 

The hearing devices can also be linked to your iPhone or tv so that you can wirelessly receive your, tv, phone calls and / or music directly into your ears via your hearing aids. 

All of this data can be viewed on an easy to use app on your iPhone as well as allowing you to have control over the hearing aid settings yourself. 

Do not miss out the great opportunity we have this March on Wednesday the 18th at our Bakewell practice where we will have a representative of the manufacture and expert on the hearing aids in store along with our audiologist.

This day will include:

  1. - The chance to have your hearing tested at no cost
  2. - The opportunity to try the hearing aids and take them away with you to experience their full potential 
  3. - Both our audiologist and the manufacturer representative in store and available to answer any questions you may have. Whether that be specific to the Livio AI product or whether you have any other general ear or hearing related questions
  4. - Promotions on the mentioned products 
  5. - The chance to view our other range of services and find out more about the ear place
  6. - Complimentary drinks, snacks and goody bags to take away 

If you are interested in finding our more about the Livio AI hearing aid or experiencing it for your self then do not hesitate to contact us on 01629 339001 or emailing us at


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