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Micro Suction Wax Removal

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Ear wax is completely normal, and healthy for your ears. We develop ear wax as protection for our ear canal, the combination of wax and ear hairs help to prevent foreign bodies and bacteria from entering the ear canal. Just as the development of ear wax is natural, in most cases so is the removal of wax. The structure of the ear naturally helps wax to migrate out of it, usually requiring you to clean your ears by simply wiping it away.

Wax blockages can occur naturally but can also be encouraged by things we do such as the use of hearing aids, headphones, hotter climates or using cotton buds. Using tools such as cotton buds does not work, and can push wax further into your ear which can cause issues, or cause damage to the ear drum if the tool is pushed too far in.

Untreated wax blockages can cause irritation, discomfort, and a reduction in hearing,

To treat a build-up of ear wax, the safest and preferred method is by micro-suction. Micro-suction wax removal is performed by our Audiologists using a small instrument that is safely inserted into the ear canal under microscopic examination.

The instrument is like a small vacuum which will gently remove the wax. Whilst the procedure is not painful, discomfort may be experienced depending on the sensitivity of the ear canal or the amount of wax present. Depending on the amount of wax in the ears, it may require more than one visit to safely remove the blockage in the ear canal. 

Whilst some ear wax removal services used to be available at the GP, micro-suction removal is no longer available and is a paid for service.

For more information regarding micro-suction wax removal, or any other services contact us at or 01629 339001


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