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When hearing aids were first invented and readily available to people, their focus was purely to improve the wearers hearing and nothing else. However, as technology has advanced, hearing aids are now much more than a device to aid your hearing. Newer hearing aids include AI technology to automatically adjust to the environment you are in, and others have features that can help with your overall health. 

Hearing aid brand Starkey are one of the leading hearing aid companies that has the wearers health at the forefront of everything they do. Their Thrive app works alongside their hearing aids and has many different health focused features that are designed to improve day to day life and give loved one’s peace of mind. 

The Thrive app will collect and track data for you to view in the app and share with loved ones and professionals. From how much you are wearing your hearing aids to how active you are throughout the day, Starkey hearing aids are much more than just a hearing device.

  • The app will collect information about how much you are wearing your hearing aids. This information is useful for your hearing professional as they can gain a better understanding about when you are using your hearing aids and why. 
  • The AI technology in the hearing aids will automatically adjust settings to your environment to improve your hearing, however you can also change these settings in the app. Thrive will keep track of how much you are changing the settings and what you are adjusting. This will provide information on different situations you are struggling with and whether there are better settings available to avoid needing to manually adjust the aids.
  • Many people with hearing loss struggle in noisy environments, however the transcribe feature of the app will pick up the conversation you are having and send it to your phone, so you can keep up with everything that is going on. 
  • Thrive also has an activity tracker that collects information about how physically active you have been alongside brain activity. The body score will count your steps and physical activity, and the brain score tracks how long you have been using the hearing aids for and any adjustments you make.
  • Fall detection is also a key feature of the app, and one that provides loved ones with comfort and peace of mind. The app can be set up to notify loved ones and carers if the hearing aid wearer has had a fall. 
  • We all forget things every now and then, and with Thrive you can set up reminders for upcoming events, appointments and taking medication. Family members who have access to the app are also able to set reminders and notes for the wearer each day. 

Starkey hearing aids and the Thrive app are a great combination for looking after hearing health and providing information to family members and professionals where they need it. 

For more information about Starkey’s range of hearing aids or the Thrive app, contact us today.


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