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ReSound ONE – Hearing Like Never Before

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Your hearing is unique, just like your fingerprint. With the ReSound ONE hearing aid you can experience a more natural and complete sound, using your own ears to deliver it.

There ReSound ONE has several incredible features and is designed to meet your individual needs.

This one-of-a-kind hearing aid enriches you’re the sound in your daily environments using a microphone and receiver in ear design. The M&RIE is a revolutionary innovation that uses the anatomy of your ears to organically collect sound the way nature intended. Standard receiver in ear hearing aids position the microphones on top of the main body of the aid, resulting in sounds being collected behind your ears and channelled into your ear canal. The ReSound ONE M&RIE hearing aids have an extra microphone placed within a receiver in your ear. Combined, they utilise the shape of your pinna to collect sound in your ear. An additional 2 microphones on the top of the aids collect sound around you providing a full hearing experience.

As with many modern hearing aids, the technology allows the wearer to connect to multiple devices such as phones, tablets and TV’s using an app. Using the app you an enjoy everyday sounds directly to your hearing aids and stay connected to all the things you enjoy in life.

The ReSound ONE aids are rechargeable, so no need to keep buying and changing batteries. The stylish powerbank provides up to 3 days charge on the go. Once inserted into the charging case, the LED lights will indicate the battery life of both hearing aids and the charging case. Using the app, you can receive notifications when your hearing aid batteries are running low and track the progress of the charge.  

Hearing aid technology has improved greatly over the years, and the ReSound ONE is one of the leading hearing aids.

As an independent audiologists, The Ear Place has access to many different hearing aid brands. To discuss hearing aids to suit your needs contact our audiologists today.


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