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Noise can have a major impact on our sleep. Snoring, traffic noise and air conditioning units can leave you struggling to sleep or wake you up in the night resulting in fragmented sleep. Even sounds that do not wake you up can have subconscious effects on your sleep by changing the amount of time you spend in certain sleep stages.

Noise exposure at night is a reality for most, in cities you are likely to have to deal with sounds of traffic, people, sirens and aeroplanes. Even in rural settings you’re unlikely to be completely isolated from sounds through the night. Disturbed sleep can have short and long terms effects on your health. Getting a sufficient night’s sleep is critical for feeling refreshed and performing well. Lack of sleep short term can leave you feeling tired, irritable and have an impact on your mental health. If sleep quality is affected over a long period of time, it can impact your overall health and is often linked with high blood pressure, weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

When it comes to going to sleep it is important to make sure that your bedroom is as relaxing and quiet as possible. Adding soft furnishings to your room like rugs, cushions and thick curtains will help to absorb sound and block noise coming from the street. Turning off noisy appliances, and notifications on digital devices will help settle you for the night and not disturb you while you are sleeping.

Another option for reducing noise is with ear plugs. At The Ear Place we offer custom ear moulds that are specially designed to ensure they do not hinder your comfort when sleeping. The ear plugs are small and soft, and made to the shape of your ears for comfort whilst blocking out any unwanted noise. Studies have found that people who wear ear plugs at night experience more deep sleep than those who do not.

For more information regarding our sleep solutions products, or any of our other custom ear products contact our audiologists today.



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