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The Ear Place in conjunction with The Eye Place is under the Clinical Directorship of Rob Parker and Bethany works as the senior audiologist. Rob and Bethany have more than 40 years of experience as audiologists, both in the public and private sectors and unite to provide their time and expertise to help customers with a variety of Hearcare needs. Both are incredibly passionate about audiology and the ability they have to change and enhance individuals lives with the work they do. Their assessment skills and knowledge of the wide range of potential ear problems, allows them to personalise their approach to your audiological difficulties and being an independent provider of audiology services is what differentiates The Ear Place from other providers as it allows both Rob and Bethany to commit as much time as necessary to each and every individual to ensure everybody receivers the best care and advice. All of this is available in the friendly, relaxed atmosphere that can only be found at The Ear Place, where the aim is to combine a professional service within a prestige clinic with options available for all Hearcare requirements and budgets.

The Ear Place offer and operate the same principles as The Eye Place, presenting state-of-the-art assessment of ear health and hearing.

The Audiology suite includes a high-quality video otoscope for ear health examination, facilities to perform further health checks to gather more information on how the ear is functioning, and a wall mounted microscope for the removal of wax via micro suction. Now, The Ear Place even have a selection of satellite clinics to offer access to our services across Derbyshire.

The Ear Place work with all the leading hearing aid manufactures and have access to all the latest technology hearing aids and assistive listening devices along with the smallest and most discreet hearing aids available, all of which you are able to try for free, with no obligation to purchase.

The Ear place offers a complete service from simple hearing checks to assess hearing ability, through to detailed examinations to quantify more complex hearing loss and damage. However, even if a hearing difficulty is not something you are experiencing The Ear Place can also provide a range of other Hearcare services or advice you may benefit from. If you require noise or ear protection for a hobby you love, fast access to micro suction wax removal or just expert advice then The Ear Place can help.

Services include:

  • - Basic and advanced hearing assessments
  • - Speech perception testing
  • - Tympanometry to assess the function of the ear
  • - Hearing Aids with free no-obligation trials available
  • - Tinnitus Assessment and Management
  • - Assistive Devices for Hearing
  • - Micro Suction Ear Wax Removal
  • - Custom-made Ear Protection for a wide range of activities or occupations
  • - Industrial Deafness Testing and Advice

In a busy, noisy world hearing loss is not something that should be associated with age. It is important to get your ears checked regular to detect any changes in your hearing or your general ear health but more so if you start to notice difficulty hearing conversations in noisy environments, asking others to repeat themselves or receive complaints from family members about your hearing. Our team of audiologist employ various testing strategies, aimed to determine whether someone has normal sensitivity to sounds. If hearing loss is identified, we determine which portions of hearing are affected, to what degree, and where the lesion causing the hearing loss is found. This can be a tender subject to approach with concern for many and is a journey that Rob and Bethany can assist with. For any queries, concerns, we welcome you to pop in or book your first consultation with The Ear Place today. Your Hearcare Specialists.


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