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World Hearing Day 2021

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World Hearing Day is held every year on the 3rd of March to promote hearing and ear care and raise awareness on preventing hearing loss.

Each year the World Health Organization decides a theme, and this year is ‘Hearing care for ALL’.

The key messages for World Hearing Day this year target hearing care and the importance of good hearing and communication. It has been an important year for maintaining communication with loved ones and healthcare professionals, and maintaining good hearing is part of this.

In most cases hearing loss can be avoided with preventative measures. Protection from loud sounds is one of the most important ways to prevent hearing loss, using hearing protection such as ear plugs and ear defenders in loud environments to reduce exposure to loud sounds.

Good ear care practices are also key to preventing hearing loss, using tools like cotton buds to clean your ears can push wax further into the ear canal, or damage the ear drum if pushed in too hard.

People who have signs of hearing loss, should seek care from a healthcare professional. Hearing assessments will allow audiologists to determine the level of hearing loss and the correct care required.

Communication has been such a big topic over the last year, as the pandemic has meant less social interaction, it has been even more important to stay connected to loved ones. Hearing loss can make communicating with others difficult, especially when wearing face coverings. Hearing aid technology has progressed to allow hearing aids to connect to devices such as phones and tablets and provide clearer sound for the users.

At the Ear Place we have a range of services available to promote and protect hearing care. From hearing assessments, to hearing protection and hearing aids and accessories. Contact our audiologists today for more information about our products and services via email on or phone 0333 3110905


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