At The Ear Place not only do we diagnose and treat hearing loss but we can also assist in preventing or delaying the onset of hearing loss in the first place or making certain activities more comfortable and enjoyable.

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Hearing Protection & Noise Reduction

There are 2 factors which influence how much of a damaging effect sound can have on the ears:

- How loud the sound is
- How long the exposure to the sound is

Loud sounds that happen very suddenly are capable of damaging the ear and hearing both permanently and instantly due to the level of the noise produced. However, being in a lower level sound for a longer period of time can be equally as damaging as the ear is not given time to recover which can result in permanent damage.

Hearing protection is available for a wide range of hobbies, activities or careers such as:

- Shooting
- Motorsports
- General noise
- Musicians
- Radio/tv presenters
- In-ear monitors
- Headphones

We also offer other types of ear protection such as swimming plugs for individuals who suffer from pain, irritation or infection from getting water in their ears.

All of our hearing protection or noise reduction products will be custom made to ensure maximum protection and comfort, they are available in a range of colours and come with free aftercare to ensure satisfaction.

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