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4 Ways to Protect Your Child's Hearing

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Protecting your hearing is important at any age, but if we teach our children from a young age about hearing protection and safe sound levels, they will be less likely to develop hearing issues prematurely as they get older.

Here are our 4 recommended ways to protect your child’s hearing:

How loud is too loud? It is important to teach your child safe listening levels so they can understand how loud sounds can damage their hearing. If they are struggling to hear someone calling their name in front of them, then what they are listening to or the environment they are in is too loud.

Volume limits and good quality headphones. Most digital devices now have settings to restrict the volume from going above a certain level. This will ensure that what your child is listening to is at a safe level. The type of headphones used is also important. Whilst many people prefer to use earbuds, good quality over the ear headphones are recommended. Not only are they more comfortable, but they also offer clearer sound which will prevent the volume from being increased.

Use hearing protection when necessary. If you are taking your child to a loud environment such as a concert, fireworks display or car race, it is important to provide them with hearing protection. Hearing protection for children can either be ear plugs, which are recommended for older children, or earmuffs for infants and young children.

Teach your child about hearing loss. Just like we teach our children about sun protection, it is important to educate them about hearing loss and why it is important to protect our ears and hearing. If they have an understanding about how hearing loss happens, they will understand why you are asking them to protect their hearing,

 If you have any concerns about your child’s hearing, or would like some more information contact our audiologists today.



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