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Advances in Hearing Aid Technology

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The days of the bulky NHS hearing aids are gone, with much more sleek and minimalist designs available, and improved technology and functionality.

Many modern hearing aids now have multiple functions that users can benefit from in many ways, including connectivity to digital devices, remote programming, and health information.

The Livio hearing aids by Starkey are some of the top hearing aids in the UK due to its advances in hearing technology. The top of the range Livio Edge hearing aid is the UK’s only rechargeable hearing aid, with customisable features. The in-built algorithm is continuously analysing the environment around the user in order to adjust hearing settings within the aid.

These environmental adjustments will help to enhance sound in specific settings and conditions, ensuring the wearer gets the best hearing possible. The adjustments can be made with just a double tap of the hearing aid to fine tune the algorithm.

  • Speech in noise. This helps to reduce the noise in between pauses of speech, reducing listening effort of the user.
  • Speech in loud noise. Binaural noise management designed for dynamic background noise. This helps to improve clarity of speech and preserves spatial cues.
  • Quiet. This feature ensures the hearing aids are quiet in quiet environments, increasing listener comfort.
  • Transient noise. This helps to alleviate brief loud sounds quickly, increasing comfort for the listener.
  • Wind noise. This sound management featurereduces the sound of turbulence over the microphone.
  • Machine noise. Perfect for working environments, this helps to reduce the level of steady state noise which will providing a more comfortable listening experience for the user.
  • Auto music. For music lovers, this feature helps to optimise environmental music without compromising speech.

The technology within the hearing aid allows the user to be able to adjust the settings to their environment without needing to get their phone out and make manual adjustments in the app. Once the settings have been adjusted, they are fixed until changed again by the wearer.

The advancements in technology can be overwhelming at times, especially if you are new hearing aid user. However the improvements made by Starkey are there to benefit the user and make the wearing of aids as easy and comfortable as possible, and make day to day life enjoyable.

For more information about the Livio Edge hearing aid, and any other hearing aid products contact us today at or call 0333 3110905


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