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Ear Care Tips For The Winter


It's important to wrap up warm during the cold wintery months, especially when we expect more rainy and even snowy days. Your ears are more prone to infections if you have a cold or flu. 

  • Use Ear Protection

Our ears are made mostly of cartilage which means there's barely any fat to insulate them - this is why our ears get cold quicker.
Frequent exposure to cold weather without sufficient ear protection can increase your risk of loss of hearing. It's actually recommended to wear a hat or earmuffs at temperatures of 15 degrees or lower, this is the temperature in which your blood vessels start to constrict in order for warmth to be conserved.

  • Keep Your Ears Dry

Winter doesn't end for a few more months so we'll be putting up with some pretty unwanted weather patterns for a while. Excessive moisture in your ear can create an environment that bacteria will flourish in which can lead to an ear infection. cleaning around the opening of your ear canal with a cloth can remove moisture, especially after a shower or from wet conditions outside.

  • Speak To Us

If you've noticed any changes to your hearing, or are concerned about what could happen, we are able to help talk you through what can be done to test your hearing, types of protection we recommend, and the brands of hearing aids we stock.

If you would like to know about how you can protect your ears or have any questions about hearing and our services then please get in contact with your local Ear Place.


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