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Here in this blog it is likely that you will learn something that you didn’t know was possible or available with hearing aids today. 

Statistics state (and experience confirms) that more people could benefit from hearing aids who actually wear them, approximately only 40% of people who need hearing aids actually have them. 

Long gone are the days of hearing aids you can spot a big beige hearing from 5 meters away, body worn boxes to control them and constant whistling and squeaking from them. Yet these are all the things that spring to mind for a lot of people when hearing aids are mentioned. We must not forget that a hearing aids primary job is still to assist and enhance hearing however, they are now becoming one of many smart devices we all own. 

Some features are relatively simple such as:

  • A choice of colours, hearing aids are available in bright vibrant colours or in more subtle neutral colours to match your skin tone, hair colour or even the sides of your glasses! Not only can you choose the colour but some are even available with the choice of a shiny or matte finish to them. 

  • Size, most hearing aid manufactures have a range of hearing aids of different shapes and styles which probably amount to a selection of approximately 10 to choose from. However, don’t let this put you off, your audiologist will recommend which ones will suit your hearing loss the best, which will be most appropriate and beneficial to your lifestyle whilst taking into consideration your needs and preferences.

  • Rechargeable, hearing aids are now neat, small and clever. This also means that we are moving away from hearing aids that require the changing of small batteries every few days. No worrying about whether or not you have some batteries stashed in your bag or the car, no worrying whether or not they might die in the middle of a meal or a meeting and no fiddling around trying to change them. Hearing aids are now something you can put on charge every night along with all other devices just like your phone, your electric toothbrush or your iPad - all ready for a full days use the following day by simply placing them in an easy-to-use charging unit. 

  • Control over the hearing aids, hearing aids now are very sophisticated, meaning most users will be happy to have them in the ears and not have to make any adjustments to the sound. The hearing aids are designed and made to be constantly analysing the environment and making relevant changes automatically. However, should you want the ability to make some changes in certain situations simple remote controls are available for this or even free to download and use apps for most smart phones! This feature is something that could be useful for the simplest of things such as, when watching tv, rather than turning the tv up if needed - you can turn up your own hearing aids to suit without affecting the volume for other listeners in the room or disturbing any neighbours. 

Other features now available in certain hearing aids might surprise you - bare in mind that not everybody has to use or utilise these features of the hearing aids and the devices will still help hearing needs if these additional features are left unused for those who want to keep things simple. 

  • Bluetooth, connect your hearing aids to any bluetooth device including your phone or your tv seamlessly and have your phone calls, music or tv programs streamed and sent directly into your ears via your hearing aids just like wearing headphones. 
  • Translating, yes, hearing aids can now even translate languages. With the hearing aids in, and the relevant app downloaded onto your iphone the hearing aids can listen to another person talking in a different language and translate this for you in your ears. Likewise, you can ask the hearing aids how to say a certain word or phrase in a different language and get a demonstration of the pronunciation in your ears. 
  • Alexa, Alexa is now in most homes, we all know somebody who has an Amazon Alexa device. Now Alexa is available within certain hearing aids, should you wish to know the answer to a certain question, a simple tap on the side of the hearing aid will activate Alexa for you to ask your question and receive the answer back in your ears via your hearing aids instantly. 
  • Fall detection and health information, as well as all your hearing needs catered for hearing aids can now even give you updates and track certain things such as; how many steps you take in a day, how much interaction you have had, your heart rate and they can even detect if you have experienced a fall and alert your chosen friend or relative automatically - along with a map of your location at the time! 

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If you have any further questions and wish to speak to an audiologist about the options, products and services available at The Ear Place or would like to book in for a hearing check or assessment to start your journey to better hearing then please contact us on 01629 339001 or email us at


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