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At The Ear Place we are experts in ears and hearing. This means we don't just offer hearing assessments and hearing aids but also offer solutions to care for your ears in all aspects of your life. 

Noise damage can occur during our every day lives listening to what most of us would consider to be every day sounds. Head over to 'The Ear Lab' section on our website for some interesting and useful information on noise damage and take a look at what normal every day sounds can actually be quite damaging to the ear and hearing. 

We provide a wide variety of hearing protection products and noise reduction solutions for all hobbies and daily activities. These are designed to protect your hearing and make  experiences more comfortable and/or safe. 

Some examples of what we can offer at The Ear Place are below:

Note* All of the solutions we offer are custom made to your ears, this is done by take a mould of your ear in the consultation. This ensures, maximum comfort and maximum protection. 

- Sleep plugs - to block out any unwanted noise when you are trying to sleep. However, they are much more comfortable than 'off the shelf' ear plugs as these are designed to fit the shape of your ears and made out of a soft flexible silicone to remain comfortable even when sleeping on your side

- Swim plugs -  to keep the water out of your ears when swimming. If you are a person that is prone to ear infections or have sensative skin, getting water in your ears can be quite troublesome. Likewise if you have a build up of wax in your ears, getting water in them can make your hearing temporarily worse as the water can get stuck behind the wax and made you feel blocked. These particular ear plugs are made from a soft, flexible foam material and float in water incase there was a circumstance where they did come out. 

- Wireless headphones - we are able to make you some wireless headphones to replace your standard wired ones. Wireless headphones are much more convineint and comfortable. You may even have some headphones or in ear monitors you already like and wish to keep, if this is the case we can also get them embedded into a mould for you to improve the fit. 

- In ear monitors and motor cycling protection - whether you need in ear monitors for a job in the police force, as a tv presenter or to communicate with others when on a motor cycle we will have something to suit you. 

- Musician ear plugs - music specific ear plugs are designed to ensure that your ears are protected against sounds that would otherwise be too loud, however, they reduce the sound in a way that means it still sounds natural, just at a lower, safer volume. They also allow you to still be able to have a conversastion with others whilst wearing the ear plugs so you are not constantly having to take them in and out. 

- Shooting ear plugs - similar to music plugs, shooting plugs will attenuate loud sound of gun fire to protect the ear but allow normal, natrual sounds and conversation to be heard as normal. Depending on the level of technology in the shooting plugs, different programs are available for different types of game. 

Along with these products being custom made to the shape of your ears, lots of other customization optoins are available on certain procucts such as:

- Initial engraving 
- Choice of colour 
- Images printed on the side 

If you are unsure where to start, or unsure if we have something to suit your particular needs then please do not hesisate to contact us and book a consultation where all of the options available to you will be discussed. 



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