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Taking Care of Your Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids are a significant investment, not just monetary but also for your overall wellbeing. To get the most out of your aids, it is important to clean and maintain them regularly.

Our audiologists can assist with setting up your aids and some companies will service them within a certain timeframe, however there are things you can do at home every day to take care of your hearing aids.

  • Establish daily habits – Wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning your hearing aids. Take your hearing aids out when showering and washing your hair so soap cannot damage them. Put your hearing aids in after applying hair products.
  • Clean your hearing aids before bed – Cleaning your aids before you go to bed gives them chance to air before you put them in again. Avoid wipes that contain chemicals or alcohol as this can damage the device.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures – Keep your aids inside if you are venturing out in extreme cold or heat.
  • Invest in proper cleaning tools – Getting the proper tools means you will be able to clean your aids at home without causing them damage. A wax pick and brush are ideal for removing wax from the end of a hearing aid.

Cleaning your aids

In The Ear

1)      Focus cleaning the openings in the device with a soft bristle brush to clear away built-up wax. Hold the opening of your are cleaning facing down so any loose particles fall out of the aid rather than staying lodged inside.

2)      Use a wax pick or hook to clear anything out of the holes that wasn’t removed with the brush.

3)      Wipe the entire device with a clean, dry cloth to remove debris from the case of the hearing aid.

Behind The Ear

1)      Examine the device for debris and remove with a soft brush or cloth.

2)      Remove the earmold to clean it. Some ear moulds can become discoloured over time, wiping them clean daily and soaking them in warm soapy water once a week will help. Make sure the moulds are completely dry before using them.

For any more information regarding cleaning your hearing aids contact our audiologists today.


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